Service Offerings


CTS Worldwide delivers a comprehensive suite of Managed Transportation Services for customers seeking to enhance processes, reduce overall costs and focus on strategic objectives.

eCommerce fulfillment

Easy Transportation

Customers can outsource their day-to-day transportation processes and / or entire function and maintain strategic control. If you need help with planning, execution or load & route optimization or if you are still utilizing Excel spreadsheets to manage your transportation system...CTS Managed Transportation Services can help!

We help customers through a collaborative effort that creates a business process outsource solution that is executable and delivers the customers specific needs.

fulfillment Managed

Enhanced Fulfillment

  • Customers are involved in the decision making process.
  • Joint collaboration on final negotiated carrier’s rates and carrier selections.
  • Comprehensive Web based electronic access.
  • Reporting
  • Exception Management
  • Collaborate with customers to develop customer centered solutions
  • Business Partner relationship
  • ROI is realized through improved efficiency and overall logistical cost savings.

Our Commitment to you

Creating Solutions

  • Transportation modes: Truckload, LTL, Rail, Ocean, Air
  • Rate / Contract Management
  • Compliance
  • Order / Shipment Management
  • Load / Route Optimization
  • Maximize route cost savings (Efficiency, Profitability)
  • Event Management
  • Exception information and reporting
  • Claim Management