Why Transporting Oversized Loads Takes Time?

Transporting heavy or oversized loads takes more time than normal heavy loads. There are several points through which we can understand why it takes more time.

Transporting goods that surpass a specific size or weight is known as oversized shipping. These goods should be shipped safely by utilizing the services of an oversized trucking organization. This type of transportation generally takes longer than you expect.

Individuals that have used oversized trucking companies in the past will tell you that hauling heavy items generally takes some time. These delayed transport times are often caused by inefficiencies of the trucking organization themselves. They could be related to different obstacles that the transport company experiences before and during the transit interaction.

Here are some factors that explain why oversized transport takes so long.

1. Planning Route

Transporting an oversized load is not easy. Indeed, even with the correct vehicle, the transport process actually requires a lot of preparation. When details of the pick-up and delivery location have been shared with the trucking companies, the delivery route for the shipment is first mapped out.

Large or heavy goods make it very difficult to transport in many areas oversized loads may not fit through small tunnels, or the trucks shipping them will not be able to make sharp turns while carrying the heavy load. Oversize trucking companies need to consider these elements when arranging the transport route.

The planning of the route may not take much time, however, the final route picked is probably going to be longer and highlight a larger number of diversions than the route for an ordinary estimated load. This is one of the main reasons why oversized loads take so long to transport.

2. State Permits

When the route has been finalized, oversize trucking companies need to acquire oversize/overweight load permits prior to taking off. And if the shipment has to reach its destination through various states on its way to its destination, trucking companies should get permits from each state the load will go through.

Most oversized trucking companies have annual permits for transporting heavy cargo in different states. But smaller companies may need to apply for a single shipment or multiple permits each time they deliver it.

Companies that transport oversized loads without permits are liable for substantial fines. This permit process may cause shipment delays, but it is unavoidable for companies transporting oversized loads.

3. Road hurdles

Given the best efforts by the employees in planning the oversize trucking companies, shipment delivery may still face hurdles. Road obstructions like accidents, traffic jams, construction, or diversion can slow delivery.

Furthermore, oversized trucking companies often use escort or pilot vehicles while moving oversized loads. Planning different vehicles and making sure the right signs and banners are being displayed on escort/pilot vehicles can create further setbacks for the shipping process.

As you know, transporting heavy cargo is full of obstacles that cause shipment delays. Therefore, many of these obstacles can be taken care of if you plan accordingly and the delivery of the goods will be done without any damage.


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